Mortgage Blog Topics: Using Local Content to Attract a Targeted Audience

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This article is one in a five-part series on mortgage blogging and blog topics. (You can view all five lessons on this page.) In this installment, we will talk about the importance of publishing local content to attract borrowers from the areas you service.

At a glance: Does your mortgage company focus on a certain geographical, like a city or state? If so, you should choose local mortgage blog topics. This is the key to attracting qualified borrowers from the areas you serve. Fortunately, there are plenty of mortgage blog topics that can be tailored to a local audience. You’ll find a list of them below.

Mortgage Blog Topics With a Local Angle

If you’re a local mortgage broker, loan officer, or marketing executive — and you want to take your blog marketing program to the next level — you should be publishing plenty of local content.

For instance, a company licensed to originate loans in Texas should choose mortgage blog topics that would appeal to borrowers in that state (market trends in Austin, Dallas, Houston, etc.). A company that serves the southwestern United States would want to attract website visitors from Tucson, Phoenix, Las Vegas, and other metro areas in the Southwest.

This is all very logical, and it might even seem like a no-brainer. But it’s an often-overlooked strategy for choosing mortgage blog topics. I’ve encountered many companies with a local audience (and licensing) who write about national trends and topics, while neglecting their local readers. This is an oversight, especially when it comes to generating traffic and leads with a mortgage blog.

Why? Because when it comes to real estate topics, people want to know what’s going on in their local area. And their search engine behavior reflects this. They do countless searches for local housing trends, mortgage rates, home buyer programs, etc. By focusing on such local blog topics, you’ll have a better chance of connecting with your ideal audience.

Some Blogging Topics to Get You Started

By giving your mortgage blog topics a localized angle, you’ll attract a higher number of local home buyers and mortgage shoppers to your website. We’ve covered that much already. But what do you write about? Here are some local blog topics that have worked well for us in the past, in terms of generating traffic and visibility.

  • Mortgage rates for [city or metro] — One of the most popular topics
  • Current housing market conditions for [city or metro]
  • Real estate market predictions and forecasts for [city or metro]
  • Home prices in [city or metro]
  • Home buying / home buyer programs in [city or metro]
  • New construction projects and home builders in [city or metro]
  • Buying a home in [city or metro] — tips, advice, pointers
  • Refinancing a home in [city or metro] — tips, advice, pointers
  • Best places to live in [city or metro]
  • List of neighborhoods in [city or metro]

Housing market reports, home loan programs, interest rates and economic changes – all of these blog topics can be tailored to a local audience. And these conditions tend to change over time, so they can be covered repeatedly. There is no limit to the number of mortgage blogging topics you can come up with, when you start thinking about local real estate markets and trends.

Better Search Engine Rankings & Traffic

When you write mortgage website content specifically tailored to local area, you’re improving your chances to rank well in Google and other search engines. That’s because your content will match the local searches conducted by home buyers and mortgage shoppers in those areas.

It’s common sense, but it’s also commonly overlooked. If you are only licensed within certain cities or states, you don’t necessarily want to attract website visitors from all over the country. You want to attract visitors from those areas where you are licensed. So your mortgage website content strategy should have a local approach to match your business goals.

Original Content Is Key

When blogging about these and other mortgage-related topics, make sure you’re publishing original content. In other words, you’ll want to write your own material from scratch. If you rehash content that already exists online, on other websites, you won’t generate very much (if any) search engine traffic.

I’ve covered the important of writing original blog content in a separate article in this series. So be sure to check that out, as well. If you’re trying to boost your search engine visibility and traffic, you need to create high-quality original content. There’s getting around this.

Need help? We can help you create a list of mortgage blog topics tailored to your business model and your intended audience. We can even write the content for you, if necessary. It’s our core strength! Just send us an email to get started.

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