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Looking for mortgage blog topics and ideas? You’ve come to the right place. We’ve created a list of 15 content ideas based on real-world publishing experience and lessons learned.

Mortgage blogging is a great way for brokers, loan officers, and lenders to connect with mortgage shoppers online. Home buyers who are in the market for a loan typically have a lot of questions. They want to know about the mortgage process, types of loans, lending standards, and similar topics. Mortgage professionals can answer these questions, and connect with the people asking them, by blogging on a regular basis.

We are so passionate about blogs as a mortgage communication tool that we wrote a 63-page book about it. The book will be available online next week. In the meantime, I thought you might enjoy a list of mortgage blog topics and ideas to fuel your blogging efforts. Our data analysis shows that these are some of the most popular blogging topics among loan shoppers (based on page views, time on page, and similar metrics).

15 Mortgage Blog Post Topics & Ideas

A mortgage blog is only as good as the content it provides. To keep your readers engaged, you must publish quality content on a regular basis.

That might sound difficult, especially if you’re new to the process. But with a content plan in place, you’ll never be at a loss for mortgage blogging ideas. Here are 15 blog topics to get you off and running…

  1. Re-purpose your email content. If you’re like most mortgage professionals, you’ve probably answered countless questions by email over the years. Stop deleting them and start saving them. Each one could serve as a blog post topic, if expanded a bit. Just keep them anonymous. You don’t want to publish a person’s name online without their permission. Instead, use a “reader question” format to introduce each blog post. Email exchanges are an endless source of Q&A blog topics for your mortgage blog.
  2. Blog about current events and how they relate to your readers. This might include mortgage rate trends, housing market trends, new lending rules, and other industry news topics.
  3. You could let your readers dictate your mortgage blog topics and content ideas. You could put an “Ask a Question” box onto the side of your blog, or at the top of each post where it’s clearly visible. The questions would come to you by email, and you could easily develop them into articles. The person who asks the question would get a helpful answer, and you’d end up with a fresh new article on your mortgage blog. Make it part of your daily or weekly routine.
  4. Create a blogging series such as “21 steps to mortgage approval,” where each item in the series serves as an individual post or article.
  5. Blog about the different types of home loans, and the pros and cons of each type. This is always a popular topic among mortgage shoppers.
  6. Here’s another mortgage blog idea you could develop into an article series. Write about the different things that can go wrong during the application, underwriting and approval process. What kinds of problems might borrowers run into along the way, and how might they be avoided? Explain them on your mortgage blog.
  7. If you serve a certain geographic area (as opposed to a national audience), write about the local real estate market. This is always a hot topic among home buyers. Blog about local home prices, sales trends, supply versus demand, and other housing-market topics that would interest local buyers and sellers.
  8. To expand on mortgage blog topic #7 above: If your company serves a national audience, or a large region of the U.S., you could write about housing conditions in all major metro areas within your service area.
  9. Blog about real estate developments in your area, such as new neighborhoods being built, multifamily projects, etc.
  10. Create profiles of local home builders, with their permission and involvement.
  11. Invite guests to contribute to your mortgage blog, such as local builders, home inspectors, real estate experts, etc. Your guest authors will get free exposure, and you’ll get some fresh new topics for your blog posts.
  12. As a twist on the previous content idea, you could even create a multi-author mortgage blog for your city, state or region. The WordPress blogging program makes this easy with their “multisite” feature. It could be a joint effort between you and other motivated people who realize the value of internet publishing and exposure.
  13. Use testimonials as blogging material (with the client’s permission of course). To take this a step further, you could even…
  14. Publish success stories. Each time you successfully close a loan for a client, have them share their story through your blog. This will add more life and credibility to your testimonials. It will turn them into real-life success stories.
  15. Have us create a mortgage blog topic plan for you! We have been involved with real estate publishing for more than a decade. We can help you build a blogging content plan around your business model and your desired audience. We can even write the content for you. The more often you publish, the more visitors you’ll attract online. We can help you accomplish this goal.

These are certainly not the only topics you can write about on your mortgage blog. Your business model might be different from other brokers, loan officers or mortgage companies. So your blogging content plan should be unique as well. It should reflect your business goals and your intended audience.

Just remember that quality comes first. Some mortgage professionals feel the need to write a lot of posts, day after day. Somewhere along the way, they sacrifice content quality in favor of quantity and frequency. This is a mistake. Quality always comes first. Don’t click the “Publish” button until each blog post is the best it can be — fully developed, comprehensive, and useful to the reader.